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Learn more about CEC & the effective reentry services we provide.


The CEC Research
Department is staffed by
experienced correctional
professionals. Research measures the successes
of CEC's programs.


The CEC Alumni Association
assist ex-offenders of CEC
programs with community
reentry by providing
access to community
support services.


STOP Placement Office Serving Los Angeles County Commences Operations
The Specialized Treatment for Optimized Programming or “STOP” is a system of six program areas located throughout California to coordinate placement of state parolee and in-prison treatment program graduates into transitional reentry services after their incarceration....

432-bed In-Prison Treatment Program Commences Operations for the Florida DOC
Community Education Centers, Inc. has extensive experience providing in-prison treatment services for the Florida Department of Corrections (FL DOC). The company operates nine behind-the-walls treatment programs for the Department and recently began the ramp up of its newest program, a 432-bed therapeutic community (TC) at the Everglades Re-Entry Center in Miami, Florida....