Talbot Hall

100-140 Lincoln Highway and Hackensack Avenue
Kearny, NJ 07032
Phone (973) 589-1114
Fax (973) 735-0894
Contracting Agency:
New Jersey Department of Corrections

536 adult males



1:00pm-4:00pm Saturday/Sunday
12:45pm visit registration starts.
No one is allowed to enter after 3:30pm

Visitation Rules

Only (4) visitors per day(children are included in the 4) all year around.

Only items allowed to come inside the facility are keys, money and ID (exceptions are made for babies and other issues that visitors may have, this has to be preapproved).

The dress code is strictly enforced. Women must wear a shirt that completely covers the front, sides and rear of their bodies. No tights, no jeans with tears for males and females. Also, no tight fitting clothes, no tank tops or spaghetti-strapped tops and no wallets allowed.

Drop-Off Policy

Times for drop offs are 8am-2pm then 4pm- 10pm 7 days a week


  • Talbot Hall opened in 1998.
  • Residents are referred through the New Jersey Department of Corrections' Office of Community Programs.
  • Talbot Hall was named after Matt Talbot who epitomized the commitment and self-sacrifice necessary to overcome addiction.


  • Talbot Hall is a residential assessment and treatment center, one of two in New Jersey.
  • At Talbot Hall residents are assessed for their level of risk for re-offending and reentry treatment needs.
    Residents engage in a highly structured therapeutic environment to enhance their preparedness for community release.
  • Specific services include completion of a core treatment curriculum focused on addiction and recovery, REBT, common thinking errors by offenders, and strategies for improved communication and problem solving.
  • Targeted interventions include relapse prevention, job skills, life skills, taking responsibility, and managing destructive emotions.
  • Talbot Hall houses an Alumni Resource Center staffed by full-time alumni, who are ex-offenders from reentry treatment programs.
  • A family services program is available every Monday night for residents and their family members.
  • Talbot Hall is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and scored a perfect 100% on all mandatory and non-mandatory standards during its last accreditation.
  • CEC is the service provider for Education and Health Centers of America, Inc. at Talbot Hall.



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