Alle Kiski Pavilion

1704 Fourth Avenue
Arnold, PA 15068
Phone: (724) 339-8400
Fax: (724) 339-8405
Contracting Agency:
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

104 adult males


6pm - 8pm

2pm – 4pm


  1. All cellular telephones in possession of the visitor must be turned off when entering the building
  2. During the visit, residents are not permitted to leave the visiting room for any reason; if a resident leaves, the visitation will be terminated.
  3. Visitor must be on the approved visiting list.
  4. Any items being brought into the facility will be searched by facility staff. An approval form must be provided to the assigned counselor prior to the visit.

Visiting hours occur on Thursday from 6pm to 8pm, and on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm. Residents may request special visits by notifying their Counselor in writing one week prior to the requested visit date. Special visits will only be considered when the visitor must travel more than 100 miles or when the visitor needs to see the resident for official business and is unavailable during regular visiting hours or extreme emergencies. Examples of official business are as follows: attorney during court case, clergy during grieving process, social worker regarding child support proceedings, etc. The resident may utilize earned pass time to visit outside of the facility.

All visitors are required to sign in and must show proper identification (State driver's license), prior to visiting any resident. All persons entering the facility may be subject to pat searches or searches of their property or automobile. Any visitor that refuses to be searched will be denied access to the facility. Visitation is a non-contact visitation. Excessive physical contact is prohibited. The supervising staff will address any violations and if deemed appropriate, visitation will be terminated.

The following general rules apply to all visits:
Once a visit begins, the resident will not be permitted to leave the visiting area until the visit is concluded. Visitors are restricted to the visiting area only. If a visitor needs to use the bathroom, the visitor must request authorization from the duty Monitor.

  1. Victims and/or co-defendants are never permitted to visit without prior written Director Approval. Parolees, inmates, or former residents are not permitted without the prior approval of the Center Director.
  2. All visitors must display photo identification. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. In some cases, based upon the nature of a resident's offense, visits from minor children will never be permitted for any reason under any circumstance. Residents with crimes involving minor children may never receive a visit from any child without prior written authorization from the Center Director.
  3. Any behaviors deemed inappropriate by on-duty staff may result in immediate termination of the visit and loss of visiting privileges for a specified time. Visitors may be permanently banned from entering the facility.
    Examples: loud boisterous behavior, any physical contact of a sexual nature, suspicious behavior or characteristics indicating possible drug or alcohol use, etc. In some cases, police may be called to the Center.

  • Cameras are prohibited inside the facility.
  • All weapons are prohibited.
  • Illegal drugs or intoxicants, narcotic medication, and alcohol are prohibited.
  • Any items listed as contraband in this handbook are prohibited.
  • All visitors must be on the visitor's list.


  • Alle Kiski Pavilion opened in 1990.
  • Offenders are referred through the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and from the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.


  • Alle Kiski Pavilions' goal is to provide a healthy, drug free, safe and secure environment within, which we will provide treatment and education services that focus on changing addictive and criminal behaviors.
  • Alle Kiski Pavilion provides numerous hours of community service to the local area on a yearly basis.
  • The facility offers the following programs: Violence Prevention Booster, Domestic Violence Group, Smoking Cessation, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Vocational/Life skills Class, Fatherhood Classes, Addiction Recovery Groups, Bible Study and Church Service.
  • Additionally, the facility offers a Drug Education Program, which is an educational-based program that focuses on providing the individual with information to help lead residents to the road of recovery.
  • Alle Kiski Pavilion also provides numerous hours of community service to the local area on a yearly basis.
  • Alle Kiski Pavilion is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA) and scored a perfect 100% on all mandatory and non-mandatory standards during its last accreditation.



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