News - 2010

CEC Family Services Partners with National Fatherhood Initiative and Rutgers University to Expand Services to Newark Fathers

West Caldwell, NJ, Jan 8, 2010 -
The Family Services Program at Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) has partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative, the nation's premier provider of community-based fatherhood resources, to equip fathers at four CEC Newark-based residential reentry facilities to form healthy relationships with their children and families.

As part of this two-year initiative, NFI and CEC will also partner with the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations in order to carefully track improvements by InsideOut Dad™ participants on a range of knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to effective fathering.

"The CEC Family Services Program is very excited about this partnership with the National Fatherhood Initiative as a chance to expand our services to fathers. We also look forward to the partnership with Rutgers University as evaluation of our programs effectiveness is always a priority. Previous research has shown that CEC residential reentry programs reduce recidivism," said Dr. Lou Barretti, Director of CEC's Family Services Program.

This exciting partnership and initiative to inspire and equip inmate fathers to connect and stay connected with their children has been made possible by a generous grant to NFI from the Bodman Foundation.

CEC will deliver NFI's innovative group-based program, InsideOut Dad™, to inmate fathers at Delaney Hall, the Harbor, Tully House, and Logan Hall. The CEC Family Services Program is designed to integrate family services into the overall treatment program. The Family Services Program staff is committed to providing services to both the resident and his/her family and/or significant others in order to increase successful reintegration into the community and familial roles upon release. Additionally, CEC is committed to stopping the patters of criminal and addictive behavior that passes down from generation to generation.

NFI has been helping incarcerated fathers to build strong ties with their children and understand what it means to be a good father since 1998. Its InsideOut Dad™ program is the largest program for inmates from a fatherhood perspective and it is currently running in nearly 300 correctional facilities across all 50 states. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have adopted InsideOut Dad™ as a standardized curriculum. In addition to D.C., these states include Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The InsideOut Dad™ program focuses on cognitive and attitudinal change and starts men on the path to becoming involved, responsible, and committed fathers, as well as better men overall. Acquiring the empathy and relational intelligence that the InsideOut Dad™ program fosters in fathers is an extremely important piece of their successful re-entry, as well as in fostering better outcomes in the lives of inmates' children.


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