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Research Indicates Positive Results with InsideOut
Dad™ Partnership

West Caldwell, NJ September 20 -
Resident Community Education Centers, Inc. recently partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative's® (NFI) InsideOut Dad™ program for a highly successful research project aimed at helping incarcerated fathers form healthy relationships with their children and families. NFI is the nation's leading provider of community-based fatherhood resources, and after a national search, the group chose CEC's residential facilities to deliver their program based on the company's industry-leading family services program.

"CEC's partnership with the National Fatherhood Initiative has proved so successful as both organizations value data driven programs as the best way to treat the causes of criminality and addiction that lead individuals back to prison. CEC has always valued evidence-based reentry programs that are focused on reducing recidivism and this intensive focus on the offender's children and family addresses a significant barrier to reentry," said Dr. Robert Mackey, Senior Vice President for Clinical Services, Quality Assurance and Research.

The research study, entitled "Assessing the Impact of InsideOut Dad™ on Newark Community Education Centers' (CEC) Residential Reentry Center Residents," included 307 participants from three residential reentry sites. Results were compiled by Rutgers University, Economic Development Research Group in August of 2011.

This study was conducted to evaluate the InsideOut Dad™ program with more rigorous methods and to add to the body of literature about "what works" in community-based parenting programming. Statistically significant changes were found across confidence to cope effectively in ways that enhance self esteem, and parenting knowledge, behavior, and attitude variables.

Quite noticeably, CEC administration and staff are credited with an extremely high level of professionalism. The study showed that several of the practical issues that emerged in previous evaluations of other parenting programs were not a problem at CEC, such as staff turnover, poor coordination, interruptions during class, a lack of respect, and comprehension difficulties.

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The assessment of program facilitators and the curriculum were overwhelmingly positive. All of the interviewed participants stated that CEC facilitators performed well and enhanced the curriculum. Several interviewees found the InsideOut Dad™ program to be more effective and relevant than other programs they had participated in during their period of incarceration. Participants also often mentioned relationships that developed with other group members as strengths of the program. Results also indicate the instructional handbook distributed as part of the program were well received and covered all appropriate topics. Multiple participants spoke about how they planned to keep the handbook after the program concluded.

The study also found that participants believed that the program was already positively affecting the quality of their contact with children at the time of the post-test interview, and believed their participation would affect future interactions and relationships with their children.

The NFI and CEC Family Services Program together present a unified message for family reunification and indicate the result of positive impact on the entire family. By providing the forum and curriculum to administer services, an ideal partnership was created that helps stress key factors in improving fatherhood skills; emphasis is put on the importance of involvement in childrenís lives, teaching fathers how to become role models, learning respect and responsibility, and the importance of education and vocational training for the family unit.

CEC also recently incorporated NFI's InsideOut Dad™ program at five Colorado facilities, where resident fathers will go through a 12-week course that will help them build practical skills that will allow them to connect with their children during their incarceration an
then successfully reintegrate into their families upon release. The program will be incorporated at CE''s Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center, The Phoenix Center, Community Alternatives of El Paso, the WilliamsStreet Center, and Correctional
Alternative Placement Center.

CEC is continuously in pursuit of excellence by providing the highest quality care to its residents. The company is especially proud of the esteemed nationally recognized researchers and institutions it has established partnerships with, and recognizes the importance of these academic relationships to achieve the goals set forth in its mission. CEC regularly participates in research studies that evaluate the success of its programs to improve the services they provide with the goal of reducing recidivism.

CEC is a leading provider offender reentry and in-prison treatment services in America, operating in 18 states, with nearly 30,000 individuals in our daily care. CEC provides a full range of therapeutic residential and non-residential reentry services with a documented record of reducing recidivism.


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