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Casper Re-Entry Center (CRC)


Casper Re-Entry Center (CRC)

10007 Landmark Lane
P.O. Box 2380
Casper, WY 82604
Phone: (307) 268-4840
Fax: (307) 472-5310

Contracting Agency:
Wyoming Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Probation Office, Natrona County Courts, City of Casper Municipal Court
Town of Evansville Municipal Court, Town of Mills Municipal Court

Capacity: 342 males & females

CRC is accredited with the American Correctional Association (ACA) scoring a rating of 100% on mandatory and non-mandatory standards.

CRC was established in 1985. The Center expanded and moved to a new building in January 2005. CRC provides intensive Therapeutic Community (TC) model residential treatment, case management, work release, day reporting and transitional services to misdemeanant and felony offenders with substance use disorders.

CRC addresses the reentry needs of each individual offender and utilizes Community Education Center’s (CEC) continuum of care model that is proven to reduce recidivism. The treatment component consists of individual assessments, individual and group counseling, substance abuse treatment, educational services, vocational training, skills-based trainings, family services, Fatherhood Initiative program, NA/AA groups, anger management, and aftercare/Alumni services.

Treatment is delivered in a multi-modal fashion which is structured in a safe environment. A variety of cognitive-behavioral techniques and contexts are used including lecture format, classroom instruction, small group sessions, and individual counseling to maximize treatment efficacy while altering criminogenic thinking patterns and reinforcing pro-social behavior that will lead to reducing recidivism.

The center also has a specialized program for Native Americans that are referred from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). This CRC program presents a focused effort on providing effective and culturally sensitive treatment service.

Visitation Schedule and Policy:

1. Adult Community Corrections
Sundays: 7 pm – 9 pm. In-house visitation for only those ineligible to enter the Community.

2. Therapeutic Community (TC)
Thursdays: 6 pm – 10 pm
Saturdays: 1 pm – 4 pm

3. Residential Treatment Program (RTP)
Saturdays: 1 pm – 3 pm

All visitors must be cleared to enter the facility. All visits must be approved in advance. Visits are for immediate family members only, or those individuals involved in the residents recovery. Visitors are not allowed to drop off items for the residents during visits. Visitors may bring, inside the facility, money for the vending machines, emergency medications that are necessary, and identification.

Cell Phones are not allowed.

If travelling with small children, visitors may bring baby wipes, 2 diapers, and baby food. Purses are not allowed.

Visitors are expected to dress appropriately and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Visitors will be required to sign the visitation rules indicating they are aware of them and agree to abide by them during visitation. Any violations of personal conduct may result in the visit being terminated and visiting privileges being suspended.

At no time, in any program, are visitors allowed to bring into the facility, anything for a resident without prior written approval from the Facility Director.

Residents assigned to the Adult Community Corrections (ACC) facility, are encouraged to join their family at a community establishment in the Casper area; i.e., family restaurant, or other approved site, to enjoy private visitation away from the facility. Sunday night visitation is restricted only to those ineligible for visiting in the Casper community.