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Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall

675 E Washington St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 423-3465
Fax: (317) 423-8866

Contracting Agency: Marion County Community Corrections

Capacity:300 Adult Males

Liberty Hall has been accredited with the American Correctional Association (ACA) scoring a rating of 100% on mandatory and non-mandatory standards. Liberty Hall opened in October of 2001 as the first TRV-Center in Indiana.

Liberty Hall currently offers work release services to male offenders referred from the Marion County Community Corrections. The program incorporates the Therapeutic Community environment which emphasizes treatment and education that addresses the reentry issues that offenders face. These reentry issues are addressed through case management groups, process groups and life skills classes. Liberty Hall work release services also include employment readiness, computer training, life skills planning, GED classes and substance abuse training. The goal is to provide the knowledge, resources and skills so that these offenders will begin contemplating change and recognize that they have choices and alternatives in their lives.

Visitation Schedule:

Women: Saturday 1pm-3pm
Men: Sunday 1pm-3pm

Visitation Rules:

Visitation is permitted on the weekends. Visitors must be dressed appropriately and must not cause any disruptions. Adults participating in visitation privileges may only have their automobile keys and small change for the vending machines on their person during visitation. No hats or outerwear garments (jackets, gloves, etc.) may be worn into the visitation area.

Residents are allowed a maximum of 3 visitors at one time, including infants and children.  Visitors may not use the restroom facilities during their visit and all bags, diaper bags, etc. will be thoroughly searched before the visit.

  • No CDs or DVD’s are allowed in facility.
  • No food or perishables are allowed in facility.
  • Approved personal care appliances (i.e. Hot combs, hair curler) are allowed if UL approved and in brand new unopened boxes.
  • Visiting rules and the visit schedule shall be posted for all visitors to see. Visitors may be searched, including vendors.
  • Visitors entering the facility shall inform the staff member on-duty at Reception of their presence immediately upon arriving. All visitors shall sign in and out of the building and shall be monitored by staff.
  • Special visits shall be arranged, providing proper staffing is available, with twenty-four (24) hours advanced notice. Only the Director or designee may approve special visits.


General Visiting Information

  1. All visitors shall immediately report to the designated entry.
  2. Visitors shall not bring in contraband of any kind. Visitors may be denied access to the facility or asked to leave if staff members have reason to believe the visitor has contraband.
  3. Visitors and belongings may be searched and/or required to clear a metal detector. If a pat search is authorized or required, only same sex staff members may pat search the visitor.


Monday 8am-11am
Wednesday 2pm-5pm
Friday 7pm-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 3pm-5pm