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539 Linden St.
Scranton, PA 18503
Phone: (570) 341-8115
Fax: (570) 341-8841

Contracting Agency: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole

Capacity: 60 males

The Scranton facility is accredited with the American Correctional Association (ACA) scoring a rating of 100% on mandatory and non-mandatory standards.

All residents at the Scranton facility are engaged in a work release program. Work release is a component of the broader issue of vocational training. Residents must demonstrate sufficient progress in areas of addiction and/or criminal thinking before they are ready to work in the community.

Successful reentry involves incorporating a healthy employment experience for the resident in the context of their overall treatment progress. The movements of those participating in the work release program are closely monitored at all times.

Supportive services are provided on an outsourcing basis to residents of the Scranton facility. Various resources provide services for substance abuse treatment, life skills, educational and vocational training. Medical services are provided by regularly scheduled doctor visits to the facility. Medical treatment includes regular examinations for overall health and prescription maintenance.

The facility has an excellent track record of supporting the local community with service-oriented assistance including cleanups and various volunteer-related activities that are geared to improve the neighborhood, and provide an opportunity to the resident to give back to the community.

Visitation Schedule and Policies:

Saturday and Sunday
1 pm-4 pm
All visitors have to be cleared through a background check before visitation is allowed (no felonies). Only three visitors per resident at one time. The visitors must clear metal, and will have their belongings searched, no camera phones allowed in facility.

Dress code
All visitors must be dressed appropriately; no halter tops, no spandex, skirts must be appropriate length, no spaghetti straps, no clothing with any type of drug/gang references. Visitors are allowed in common areas only, they are not allowed to go into resident rooms at any time.

Drop-Off Policy
All residents must let their Case Manager know of any drop-off’s expected. The Case Manager will alert security that someone will be coming with the resident’s belongings.