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Aftercare/Alumni Services

Alumni Association Meeting Schedule

Transportation is available. Call for information
All meetings start at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted.

Coleman Hall
1st Monday
(215) 203-1895

Talbot Hall
1st Wednesday
(973) 589-1114
Alumni Office X 1020

Logan Hall
1st Thursday
(State Residents)

Logan Hall
3rd Monday
(973) 642-4249

Tully House
2nd Wednesday 7pm
(973) 297-1771

Bo Robinson
2nd Thursday
(609) 695-7050
Women's Unit

Delaney Hall
2nd Monday
(973) 274-0115
State Parole (Honesty)

The Harbor
3rd Wednesday
(201) 656-0121

Logan Hall
3rd Thursday
(County Residents)

Delaney Hall
4th Monday
(973) 274-0115
County (Freedom)

Bo Robinson
4th Wednesday
(609) 695-7050

4th Thursday
(610) 923-4300

Director of Alumni
Mr. Arthur Townes
(201) 452-3653

Sr. Alumni Coordinator
Ms. Deynia Edwards
(973) 768-8305

Alumni Coordinator
Mr. Edward Slade
(973) 303-7609

Alumni Coordinator
Mr. Abdul Muhammed
(609) 649-9148


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