In 1999, Community Education Centers (CEC) created a Research Department with the intent of gathering and analyzing data from its programs. Since that time, the CEC Research Department has developed into a unique unit within the larger organization. CEC recognizes that to develop and foster effective treatment programs, it is necessary to support long-term outcome research. At the moment, CEC operates one of the most highly respected and productive research programs in the correctional treatment industry.

Research Confirms Recidivism Rates Reduced by 30%-50% at CEC Reentry Programs

In New Jersey, CEC residential reentry programs have produced a 30%-50% reduction in the rate of recidivism among male and female offenders according to research studies conducted jointly between the New Jersey Department of Corrections and Drexel University.

  • "Correctional treatment as an integral component of reducing recidivism" was published as the lead article in the Corrections Compendium, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Correctional Association. The article described the statistically significant findings of the CEC group who had a 30% lower rate of recidivism than a DOC control group.
  • "Criminal recidivism of female offenders: The importance of structured, community-based aftercare", was also published in the Corrections Compendium. The results of this study indicate that women who completed a CEC residential reentry treatment at Bo Robinson in Trenton, New Jersey program had a 50% lower rate of recidivism than a DOC control group.

Research and CEC's Commitment to Quality

CEC believes that a continuous quality improvement system is necessary to monitor the delivery of services as well as maintain and enhance program fidelity. In adherence to those principles of quality, research on CEC programs has been pivotal in serving as a measure of “what works” in providing quality and effective reentry treatment programs for offenders.


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