Code of Conduct

Since its inception, CEC has strived to conduct its business in an ethical manner and it has won a reputation among its customers for honesty and integrity. To maintain that reputation, CEC expects all employees, full or part-time, as well as consultants or others associated with the company, to conduct themselves with the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism at all times.

All CEC employees are presented with the Employee Policy Handbook which includes a Code of Ethics: "Professional Responsibility & Ethical Behavior for Employees." In addition, everyone associated with CEC is expected to acknowledge, respect and obey any and all state or federal laws governing the conduct of business and/or the delivery of care and treatment to individuals in the company's care. CEC pledges that its communications to employees, residents, government and the public will be full and accurate while protecting a person's confidentiality as required by contract or law. CEC strives every day to live up to its important mission and recognizes that the ethical conduct of business is part of that effort.


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