Employment at Community Education Centers, Inc.

Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) is a leading provider of reentry, in-prison treatment, and jail/detention management services in America. CEC's expertise in the fields of correctional services makes it the premiere company in the industry for treatment, security, and health care professionals and throughout the company countless career-oriented employment opportunities abound.

Employment at CEC is the first step towards a rewarding career path where you can be proud of your work. CEC offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits, a 401K retirement plan, paid time off, training, opportunities for advancement and a generous health insurance plan includes dental and vision coverage.

CEC Mission Statement

To provide a healthy, drug-free, safe, and secure environment within which staff provides treatment services for residents that focus on changing addictive and criminal behaviors. We provide our participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a productive lifestyle prior to reintegration into their communities.

CEC Diversity Statement

Diversity is an important element of our culture and our business success. It is a core value and an integral part of how we operate on a daily basis. As a company of high principles, we are committed to a workplace that respects each individual, seeks out and values different perspectives and ensures each employee can contribute to the business and reach his/her full potential. We strive to be an Employer of Choice through the many ways that we value people and ideas. Our capacity to leverage all our various talents will drive improved business performance.

What Is It Like to Work At Community Education Centers, Inc.?

To work at CEC is to join a team whose culture values quality, integrity, and respect. Our management team consists of experts in the correctional treatment, security, and health care fields that provide excellent leadership on a daily basis. All employment opportunities at CEC are career oriented and offer growth opportunities within positive supportive environments.

Reasonable Accommodation for the Application Process

CEC is committed to employing and advancing individuals with disabilities through the company's recruiting, advertising and job application process. CEC will provide reasonable accommodations to applicants with qualified disabilities in accordance with applicable law. If you require a reasonable accommodation for our application process, please call 973.226.2900, ext. 222. Requests will be kept confidential and shared only on a need-to-know basis. Please note, this telephone number should only be used for the purpose mentioned.


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