Walker Sayle Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFPF)

4176 FM 1800
Breckenridge, TX 76424
Phone: (254) 559-1391
Fax: (254) 559-1458
Contracting Agency:
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

632 Adult Male Substance Abuse Offenders


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

8:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • Walker Sayle opened in August of 1994.
  • Walker Sayle was the sheriff of the pioneer town of Breckenridge, in Stephens County. As prison manager of the Texas prison system, he controlled the hardest criminals sent to the Huntsville prison.


  • All therapeutic treatment programming is provided by CEC staff inside this TDCJ facility. TDCJ staff provides security.
  • Community Education Centers operates under contract with TDCJ as a modified-intensive Therapeutic Community model. The model is based on the TC principle of treatment known as "Community as Method."
  • Essential components of this model consist of daily participation in structured programmatic activities including peer awareness groups (encounter group), static process groups, peer seminars, staff seminars, and community meetings.
  • Also, included are "non-direct" services such as AA/NA groups and "peer support" groups. The principal ingredient for change in the individual offender is a client driven dynamic. Concepts of individual and group accountability are a constant focus of this treatment model.
  • This holistic approach to treatment involves the utilization of all components of the Walker Sayle Facility and collectively is essential to the overall success of the unit.
  • The primary responsibility for therapeutic confrontation and accountability lie with the TC community members themselves. Program slogans and philosophy make this primary responsibility clear to all participants.
  • Programming focuses on a Cognitive Behavioral treatment approach, which emphasizes identifying patterns of criminal-addictive thinking and providing opportunities to practice new positive behavior and lifestyle changes.
  • Each incoming community member participates in a three-phase TC program of orientation, life skills redirection through main treatment and re-entry with a specific curricula focus for each phase.
  • Treatment Staff provide Relapse Prevention, Continuum of Care and Discharge Planning assistance to our residents in making transition from incarceration to community requirements as a productive member of our society.



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