Aftercare/Alumni Services


CEC has established an Alumni Association at several of our facilities that provides a foundation of support and helps offenders get through the process of change upon their release. The Alumni Association assists offenders in their transition from treatment back into the community through the provision of supportive services as they face the obstacles and difficulties associated with remaining pro-social members of their families and community.

The Alumni Program is comprised of former offenders who have successfully completed a CEC program. Ex-offenders that are no longer in the criminal justice system and have been successful in the community can become important role models in the lives of transitional offenders. As mentors, alumni are available to offenders, before and after release, to provide referral assistance and encourage them to set goals, find jobs, and utilize social services.

The Alumni Program is a successful tool, not only in gauging the efficacy of treatment, but also in tracking offenders after they leave CEC facilities. CEC's Alumni Association hosts monthly meetings at our New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming facilities. At the alumni association meetings, graduates of CEC facilities have an opportunity to share stories with current offenders.


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