Native American Programs

CEC believes in the provision of culturally competent services in the field of correctional treatment. CEC emphasizes the importance of understanding, respecting, and incorporating the values and nature of each culture in serving members of diverse populations. CEC's treatment philosophy highlights the importance of providing individualized services to meet the needs of offenders, as well as the requirements of the contracting agency.

In providing services to Native Americans, CEC aims to create a culturally appropriate framework for treatment through the inclusion of general knowledge about sociopolitical history and current demographics, acculturation and racial identity, and beliefs about important health issues and life choices.

Indigenous knowledge is interwoven with evidence-based practices to create the foundation of the CEC's Native American treatment services. Accordingly, CEC's Native American Treatment Model incorporates biopsychosocial assessment; research-based substance abuse treatment; traditional customs and practices; family and community involvement; validation and examination of historical trauma; and restorative justice components. Further, CEC seeks to employ Native Americans as service providers, in an attempt to create a workforce that mirrors the make-up of the population and establishes staff as role models.

These services are provided at the Casper Re-Entry Center, in Casper, Wyoming through the Residential Treatment Program (RTP). The RTP provides the following services:

Strengthening the Spirit workbook by the Change Companies, White Bison Twelve Step Program, Native American traditional sweat lodge ceremonies, Native American Elders (invited-in) to perform Cedaring Ceremonies, Native American Talking Circles, Concepts of Wellbriety Movement, REBT, substance abuse treatment, community reentry, life skills, anger management, parenting skills, group, individual and grief counseling, relapse prevention, AA/NA classes, GED classes, alumni program, northern Arapaho Vocational Rehabilitation services.

The RTP has provided reentry treatment services the following tribes:

  Tribe Sending Tribal Court Sending State
  Shoshone-Bannock Shoshone-Bannock Idaho
  Northern Cheyenne Northern Cheyenne Montana
  Chippewa Cree Chippewa Cree Montana
  Blackfeet Blackfeet Montana
  Navajo Northern Cheyenne Montana
  Fort Belknap Spirit Lake Sioux Montana
  Crow Crow Montana
  Fort Belknap Fort Belknap Montana
  Turtle Mountain Chippewa Assiniboine Sioux Montana
  Blackfeet Fort Belknap Montana
  Assiniboine Sioux Assiniboine Sioux Montana
  Three Affiliated Tribes Assiniboine Sioux Montana
  Navajo Pyramid Lake Paiute Nevada
  Washoe Washoe Nevada
  Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Washoe Nevada
  Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Nevada
  Pyramid Lake Paiute Reno-Sparks Nevada
  Klamath Pyramid Lake Paiute Nevada
  Pyramid Lake Paiute Pyramid Lake Paiute Nevada
  Sisseton-Wahpeton Washoe Nevada
  Spirit Lake Sioux Spirit Lake Tribe North Dakota
  Standing Rock Sioux Standing Rock Sioux North Dakota
  Lummi Lummi Washington
  San Carlos Apache Lummi Washington
  Spokane Spokane Washington
  Lummi Nooksack Washington
  Lummi Suquamish Washington
  Eastern Shoshone Wind River Wyoming
  Northern Arapaho Wind River Wyoming



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