Day Reporting/Support Services for Drug Court Programs

CEC Day Reporting Centers exist in Wyoming and Pennsylvania. CEC treats participants through alternative programs that are referred from the United States Probation Office, State Department of Corrections, State Family Services Divisions, Self-Pay, Diversion, Adult Drug Court, Adult and Juvenile Probation, County School Districts and Circuit Courts amongst others.

Programs include intensive treatment services that provide several hours of direct service per day, seven days a week. Participation in these programs can be assigned on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Traditional outpatient services are engaged including drug testing, home visits, employment verifications and visits, curfew checks, and assistance with court appearances. On-site testing for pre-employment and post accidents for businesses and treatment centers are also offered.

Drug Court programs have proven to be a highly successful format when dealing with the non-violent drug abusing offender. The Albert M. "Bo" Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center in Trenton, NJ has experience with technical violators referred from Drug Court programs. All CEC programs act to prepare the offender for reentry to the community, as well as contribute to a higher rate of public safety by addressing the needs of individuals who need treatment and supervision.


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