In-Prison Treatment


Community Education Centers, Inc. (CEC) is the largest provider of offender in-prison treatment services in America. CEC provides in-prison treatment services for over 10,000 offenders each day. Substance abuse therapies, anger management and related mental health treatment, job readiness and vocational development, site-specific release preparation and relapse prevention, life skills training, and diagnostic and risk assessment are all part of CEC's integrated in-prison treatment approach to readying the offender for a socially productive life outside the walls.

Within the last two years, CEC has significantly expanded its presence in Illinois and in Pennsylvania, operating more in-prison addiction treatment programs than any other vendor in each of these respective states. Other new prison treatment sites have been initiated in Oregon and Wyoming - joining Florida, California and South Carolina as states where CEC provides multi-site programming for incarcerated substance abusers.


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